27 Feb


Nestled in the heart of La Lucia on nine hectares of land, Redwood College is a modern co-educational school accommodating learners from Grades 000 through to 12. Redwood College recognises that the needs and expectations of today’s learners has changed dramatically, so to help learners make the right choices, Redwood College is committed to providing an inspired education that equips our learners for their future success through innovative, education solutions.

The blended learning environment embraces the benefits of face-to-face teaching and eLearning, creating a personalised system of instruction for each learner. This approach enables learners to work at their own pace which supports deep learning and ultimately mastery in every subject. We stand proud as an independent Christian school, and it is our vision to release morally grounded, mature young adults who are equipped to productively impact their communities, country and ultimately the world.


We are on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution and the World Economic Forum has reported that 65% of learners entering college this year will be working in jobs that don’t currently exist. This opens up huge opportunities for learners, ultimately leading them into uncharted career paths. These exciting developments highlight the need for a personalised curriculum and the relevant skills to thrive in the workforce.

As a result, taking a forward-thinking approach to the holistic development of your child is critical. We not only have the traditional and age-old subjects on offer, but also have an array of new and emerging supplementary subjects designed to enhance knowledge and future readiness.

Courses such as: Aquatic Science; Environmental Systems; Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance; Astronomy and Principles of Health Science are available (subjects such as Robotics and Computer Coding are in the pipeline and will be available in the near future). An onsite film and music school, (both offering fully accredited examinations) further extend the highly personalised, adaptive and relevant Redwood education experience. We are currently building an onsite chef school which will be completed this year.

With a wide range of activities available, learners are encouraged to nurture their talents through our extra-curricular programme – a programme that gives them the opportunity to improve their self-esteem and develop their leadership skills.

Our core values of Respect, Excellence, Innovation, Godliness and Integrity inspire a learning environment that helps affirm your child’s identity and gives them the confidence and security to develop a softer skill set that includes resilience, curiosity, communication and empathy.


The curriculum at Redwood is CAPS-aligned, and matriculants prepare to write the IEB (Independent Examination Board) examinations which, combined with a holistic development programme, inspires young adults for a purposeful future.

Personal development is a critical part of establishing the learner’s process of self-discovery and ultimately provides effective career guidance. With innovative guidance tools, we assist the learner in establishing the perfect career path.


We welcome Bjorn Teunissen into the Redwood family as our new principal. As the previous deputy principal at Crawford Preparatory School, La Lucia, Mr Teunissen comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge he has gained over more than 20 years in education.

He started his teaching career in this community in 1997 at Virginia Preparatory School. In 1998 he joined the Crawford group to start Crawford North Coast, and in 2002 Mr Teunissen was appointed deputy principal of Crawford Preparatory School, North Coast. Solid leadership of a growing school resulted in him being appointed as principal in 2009, and until 2015 he continued to gain experience and add enormous value as an inspiring principal.

In 2016, Mr Teunissen relocated back to Durban North in order to support his wife Jo, who opened a baby rescue home in Sunningdale. He transferred to Crawford Preparatory School, La Lucia to take up the deputy principal position. Through the Crawford structures and AdvTech Group, Mr Teunissen has been exposed to extensive training and development. This, combined with his excellent track record and experience, equips him to lead Redwood College into a new season.

To discuss your child’s needs and their future with you, book an appointment to meet with Mr Bjorn Teunissen.


031 572 7182; info@redwoodschools.co.za; www.redwoodschools.co.za/lalucia


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