20 Dec
Brett Botsis, the director of sales at Seef uMhlanga, thanks Gina Vlahakis for her love and devotion she has showered on street children over the years.

Seeff uMhlanga has embarked on a “Thank You” campaign to acknowledge the many people who have made a significant difference to our community. One such lady is Gina Vlahakis

We cannot ignore the beautiful surroundings in uMhlanga – which is largely thanks to a small group of people who go the extra mile. Brett Botsis, the director of sales and his team at Seef uMhlanga, have recognised and rewarded these individuals through the Seeff Thank You campaign.

“uMhlanga Rocks is one of the most incredible destinations in the world, with the beach and promenade, combined with the village atmosphere and shopping, creating a home and holiday destination that is much loved by all who come here,” said Brett. “People love to live here, they love to eat out here, and they love to visit the beaches and enjoy the social aspect of this great place. uMhlanga has a variety of shopping centres to choose from, incredible restaurants and stunning blue flag beaches flanked by a world-class 3km promenade to walk along. The streets are clean, the infrastructure works well, and it’s safe to walk around during the day or at night,” Brett adds.

“But,” he is quick to point out, “this is not by accident, and all too often the efforts put in to maintain these qualities – usually under challenging circumstances like when we experience storm damage or ongoing development – go unnoticed, and the heroes in our midst become part of what we expect rather than the stand-outs they are.

“That is why we have launched the “Thank You” campaign, and why we as a company have stopped to reflect on the many people who need to be thanked for making uMhlanga Rocks what it is, and why we are asking our community to do the same,” he said.

The Seeff uMhlanga team all agreed that Gina Vlahakis is a local hero who deserves to be thanked.

Gina is fondly known as Mamma G to her 70 rescued children she loves, feeds, educates and houses. In the late 1980s when Gina and her husband, Thomas, arrived in Durban, Gina started a feeding programme in uMhlanga Rocks distributing left-over food from her husband’s restaurant to street children. Soon she was doing way more than just feeding them – a donated caravan allowed her to provide shelter for these children. It wasn’t long before a house in Waterloo, and finally a house in Tongaat, provided much needed comfort and security every child deserves.

Gina has been a pillar of strength and loves each child like her own. “You cannot achieve anything without love,” she says, and is clearly very proud of the people they have become today – including a doctor, a journalist and a lifesaver.

“They are my kids,” she says of the more than 70 rescued children in her care. “I pay their rent, feed, clothe and educate them.

Gina is a selfless, gracious lady who has given her love and devotion to a generation of children who were once lost and had no hope. Through her husband’s generosity and her love and kindness, Gina has given back for over 25 years, making her a true uMhlanga community hero.

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