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For over 15 years, Global Education have been the “home” of overseas university applications, assisting self-funded students through the entire university application process.

Global Education is your “in-country admissions” team, connecting you to over 300 directly contracted world-class universities and colleges across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Greece, Switzerland, Cyprus, the United States of America, Australia and New Zealand.

Diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree? Global Education will find the right international college or university for you, empowering students with all the knowledge required to begin their studies in a new country with ease and confidence.

Our services include: 

Application Advice: Guiding students on exactly which documents are required to apply and how they need to be verified, and assisting with admissions and placement at international universities. We also assist high-achieving sport and academic students to connect with the top institutions, and ensure you have the comprehensive support to make a successful application.

Student Visas: We assist you with your student visa by providing all the necessary information and checking through all documentation to ensure a successful study visa application. We have a 100% track record for student visas.

Campus Accommodation: We guide and assist students with securing their on-campus accommodation.

Pre-departure and Arrival Events: We co-ordinate pre-departure and arrival events to help our students connect with the university and other successful applicants, to ensure that they are prepared and have all the knowledge necessary to have a successful start to their new adventure.

In short, leave the worrying, chasing and sorting out of all paperwork to us. We are your direct link to universities worldwide, and aim to ensure the application process to study abroad is as stress-free as possible. Start your journey with us today!




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  1. Have tried to call the above number. No reply and the mail box is full.
    can someone please call me
    083 444 5580
    Please also email me all info, shillaw@telkomsa.net

    many thanks


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    PHD in psychology courses

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