08 Apr
Love Languages at Dante Durban

Preparing for IEB and Cambridge Exams and learning a new language is easy with  Dante Durban.

From Italian, French, Portuguese and Spanish through to Russian, Japanese or Mandarin and everything in between, not only does Dante Durban teach foreign languages to more than 6 000 students in Africa, they also work with schools to make education more accessible, and co-operations include scholarships, student and
team member exchanges and profit-sharing.

“When my daughter Anne decided to study Spanish for IEB – the language of her paternal grandparents – I asked the didactic manager at the school for advice on who I could turn to,” says Margaret Harris. “The few teachers I spoke to did not seem very reliable, Spanish was not their mother tongue, and more importantly, they did not know what work was required by the IEB board.”

The didactic manager advised me to contact Dante Durban – an organisation specialising in teaching foreign languages either online or in person. With teachers covering a wide range of languages, including Italian, Portuguese, English, French, Mandarin, Spanish, German and Arabic, they are all experts in their fields, highly qualified, and undoubtedly the best in South Africa for IEB and Cambridge exam preparation.

“I searched their website and they answered me right away, offering a free trial lesson to understand what my daughter’s level was. This is how I met Sara, who has been teaching Spanish to my daughter online for the past year,” says Margaret.

After each weekly online class, Anne was making steady progress, which she put down to the fact that Sara knew how to teach without the students getting bored. Interactive exercises offered the perfect opportunity to learn without eating too much into Anne’s spare time.

“I knew finding the right teacher for Anne would pay off. Last month my father-in-law, Pablo, celebrated his birthday, and Anne and him chatted away in Spanish the entire time. It was as if a new spark had been ignited between them,” said Margaret with tears in her eyes.

Margaret, like all mothers, loves her children and would do anything for their future and their career, which is why after Anne’s success, she encouraged her son to start learning French. As she said to him, “You never know where in the world you might end up living.”

And so, she turned back to Dante who are now preparing him for the Cambridge French exam – and Margaret couldn’t be more pleased that her children will be well prepared for a future abroad.


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