31 Mar

Niya Consulting is headed up by an amazing young and dynamic team comprising of Thandeka Zulu, the Country Ambassador for UBI Global and Member of the African Agribusiness Incubator Network, Devon De Sousa, Legal, People & Culture Director and Dean Hewitt, Marketing and Sales Director.


Niya is not your normal run of the mill consulting firm. It also owns its own farms and is heavily involved in agri-processing. Niya partners with progressing PROGRESSIVE?? organisations that assist small businesses and large, and budding entrepreneurs to launch, grow, manage and sustain viable businesses – this ultimately provides a solid foundation for future growth of the businesses.

Believing that “Culture is simply a shared way of doing something with a passion”, Niya helps ignite this passion by providing support and skills throughout the journey. They actively assist in nurturing incubators in an ever-changing agri-business environment, with the goal of creating more jobs and wealth – using tried and tested models. The team’s strength lies in identifying strategic opportunities within communities aligned to specific brands and organisations, that create meaning and have a lifelong impact on communities and stakeholders participating in various initiatives.

It provides unique services ranging from CSI, Enterprise Development, Incubation to Companies, client Start-ups and SMEs with a platform to manage their processes effectively through best practice, staying abreast with on-going changes in the sector landscape for sustainable future economies. By analysing our clients’ needs and through a holistic approach, Niya Consulting develops comprehensive and integrated interventions, to best manage the intricate relationship between its stakeholders and investors, maximising the business’ exposure and reducing overall risk. Our team aims to contribute towards improving living standards, raising productivity and achieving inclusive economic growth and social cohesion.

Niya is an implementation partner for Do More Foundation, RCL Foods CSI NGO. It assists in a number of facets, from training, coaching and mentoring, to access to the market on a number of informal projects and township economies from agri-processing, farming, bakeries and glass making, to sewing, and hair salons (to name a few).

The Community Bakery in Hammarsdale, for example, is part of our bigger community project called DoMore4 Hammarsdale, and is a result of a business idea born within our Street Business School Training Program held in Hammarsdale to empower young people to become entrepreneurs and creators of their own futures. In terms of access to the market to assist these start-ups, they have already secured a number of contracts from schools and corporates, to provide bread to them on a daily basis – for example, fresh produce locally made or handmade bags which our ladies sew from donated material offcuts.

For more information, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8zdbD2HDs1HQchFTM_3GMg.


Some examples of projects run in the communities:

Glass Making

  • The aim is to equip youth and women with skills to make and sell their products – teaching them how to create glasses and cups.
  • Amazing CSI project.
  • Uplift the community.
  • Generate income.
  • Brand image from both recycling and end product perspective.
  • Recycling glass reduces the space in landfills that would otherwise be taken up by used bottles and jars.
  • Using glass for recycling means there are fewer glass objects lying around in the landfill or bin.

Soap Making

The aim is to teach women how to make natural cosmetic products including soap bars, bath bombs, bath salts and body scrubs – and ultimately equip them with skills to make and sell their own bath and body products.

The products proposed are natural and eco friendly, thereby adding a further selling point in order to stand out in the handmade cosmetics market.


This initiative can either be linked to the current one in Hammarsdale, which is run by three ladies, and is supported by a couple of companies. It provides many schools and creches with fresh bread. We could expand this project into another community.


We would love to have material and any banners/flags donated to the entity. They sew from offcuts and make many products.

Visit https://owethuumqhele.weebly.com/ for more information.


The aim is to empower a young black woman who has been in the coffee game for many years – she has won awards and is highly respected. The aim is to equip her to be able to live her dream.


This aims to support a current co-op with a greenhouse. They need support due to the current struggle of weather and crops. They do have small sales to Boxer and Spar, so this would have a massive impact.






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