08 Jun

Last night at Durban Country Club the rugby fever that is spreading across Durban was upped a notch at the launch of Peter de Villiers book with Gavin Rich.

Entitled Politically Incorrect, if it is anywhere near as amusing as the two authors, you have to go and get yourselves a copy!

I am not a huge sports fan, but Peter was a revelation. He talked about rugby as an allegory for life, and I have rarely enjoyed an evening on sports as much. He fielded questions on colour, selection, family and the state of South Africa with aplomb, and nothing was out of bounds.

He took pot shots at everyone from the Brits to Bryce Lawrence, and his passion for rugby and his country shone through.

I started it this morning and couldn’t put it down, and for me with a rugby book, that is a first.

If I wasn’t all rugbied out, I walked into Spiga in Florida Road this morning and Francois Pienaar was there making the tables, chairs and other people look rather insignificant. I can’t think of a more decorative or charming breakfast companion, and I am now amped for tomorrow.

Durban I love you – sunshine, rugby, gees, large blonde men… sigh.

By Elizabeth Moore

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