13 Sep
Chantelle Jonathan – Head of Prep, Reddam House uMhlanga

In August Reddam House uMhlanga welcomed Chantelle Jonathan as the new Head of Prep. With a career in the education sector spanning 33 years, she brings not only a wealth of experience but decades of in-depth study within her chosen field. Having chosen education over nursing as a career path, Chantelle’s overall philosophy of respect for time and those around you is at the core of her vocation to play a role in developing students into successful adults who live lives of value, making a positive contribution to society.

Her love of global travel has shone a spotlight on international best practices in education allowing her to apply her learnings to the benefit of the students: “We have a finite time span to prepare these future citizens of our global village. As custodians of their future, we need to be informed on changes in methodologies and resources in the field of education which changes as the world constantly changes. We need to navigate these changes quickly to keep our applications on the cutting edge of education.”

Following on from this, Chantelle believes values-based emotional intelligence creates a critical-thinking culture which is a required skill for a 21st-century student. She encourages teachers to raise the comfort levels of students in their classrooms through allowing for risk-taking, mistakes to be made and exploration of concepts.

Reddam House uMhlanga’s parents can look forward to nurturing a critical alliance between themselves and school with Chantelle Jonathan at the helm.





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