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13 Feb
When 17-year-old Mikayla Warburton visited Fay and Megan of Image Insured, she discovered the power of colour!
30 Oct
It’s simply a matter of learning which hair colour, clothing and make-up suits your skin tone
11 Sep
The difference between looking ordinary and looking extraordinary is colour!
23 May
Jane Smith of Hillcrest was transformed after visiting Fay and Megan Coleman of Image Insured.
27 Mar
Fay and Megan of Image Insured taught Urshula du Plooy how to look beautiful even though she has virtually no time for herself.
06 Feb
Gaye Conway Nunn’s life has changed dramatically since she visited Image Insured at the Delcairn Centre, Kloof.
07 Nov
Fay and Megan Coleman bring you Seasons by Image Insured – a fashion range that will revolutionise the way you shop
09 Sep
Caroline Botha recently visited Fay and Megan of Image Insured and had her image totally transformed.
07 Jun
Are you feeling washed out and not sure why? Dee Pieterse recently visited Image Insured and was colour coded as a “winter”. Her time...
Image Insured makeover
19 Apr
Do you know the formula to looking good?